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Brotherhood is the most fundamental aspect of fraternity life. It is the common strand that intertwines every SAE member, drawing us together by shared goals and experiences. Through this special kind of friendship, every SAE makes a commitment to something outside himself, a commitment to people, to friends. Whether you need someone to give you a ride to a class because you're late, or someone to listen to your problems at three o'clock in the morning, you can count on a brother being there to help. SAE is like a family, and like a family, SAE’s honestly care for every one of their brothers. In SAE, the friendships you sow and cultivate will flourish for life. With such strong brotherhood as a springboard, you can become a better leader, a better citizen, and a True Gentleman.


It is well known that fraternity members enjoy a much higher involvement in campus and community life than non-fraternity members. Holding an office in the local chapter is a great experience involving working with a group, and in innovative thinking and problem solving. There is a reason that Greeks hold 85% of the upper-level executive positions in the "Fortune 500 Companies", and that is because of their experiences they are better qualified in working with people and delegating authority. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledge program is designed to help nurture and develop leadership in all of our potential members. Annually SAE hosts a national leadership conference in Chicago which is open to members from all of our 200 chapters around the country.


A study by the Department of Health and Welfare has concluded that "Fraternity membership has been clearly associated with persistence to graduation." Hundreds of SAE brothers are currently participating in the student loan program through the national fraternity. Our foundation also sponsors the Residential Educational Advisor Program, which employs graduate students to serve as educational advisors in our chapters. Members of a fraternity are exposed to many different types of people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and different interests. There is no best fraternity, only a best fraternity for each individual. You have the opportunity to be apart of something that spans two countries and is a calculated 2% of all American Citizens - Go Greek.


Although we are similar to a business, we are a social fraternity. Whether we're dealing with business, doing philanthropy work, partying, or just kicking back, it's always a fun time. There are always brothers to hang out when you might feel like there's nothing to do. Mixers, parties, and other activities enhance the college experience and make this commuter school feel more like a community. You can always find a brother walking through the halls, and there is always something to do. The relationships and friendships that you build as an SAE continue on for a lifetime.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Facts

  • was the first national Fraternity to be established in the deep South, having been founded at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa on March 9, 1856.
  • has the greatest number of initiates of any national fraternity, more than 260,000, which includes approximately 4,500 undergraduate brothers.
  • has over 200 chapters in 46 states and Canada. Average chapter size is 75 actives and pledges in 1990.
  • has the Levere Memorial Temple, Fraternity Headquarters of SAE in Evanston, Illinois. It is the first Fraternity to have national headquarters and the first to build its own headquarters building; the Temple is the only national college fraternity headquarters to have a chapel.
  • has a National Leadership School. The school, started in 1935, was the first of its kind and has over 22,000 graduates.
  • has 28 alumni province archons who chair province conventions, regional leadership training schools, and chapter workshops.
  • has a fraternity magazine, The Record, published continuously since 1880.
  • has Educational and Leadership Consultants who visit chapters to assist with management and programming, especially scholarship programs.
  • has a student loan program to assist undergraduate brothers with their education.
  • has a Resident Educational Adviser Program to provide fellowships to graduate students who assist chapters with scholarship and career development programs.
  • has over 150 alumni associations.
  • has an Awards Program which recognizes outstanding contributions of SAE alumni, undergraduates, chapters and others to the development of individuals and to the betterment of life in their community.
  • has a strong Risk Management Program requiring all chapters to conduct dry rush, a strong policy against hazing and pledge programs which enhance each individual's personal growth.
  • has a strong Alcohol Education Program and is constantly developing and updating programs for the responsible use of alcohol.
  • has a centralized computer system providing the Fraternity with automated financial and membership information as well as assistance with Chapter Operations and Alumni programs.